The ‘future of tourism’ in Ticino

We promote greater awareness around the theme of sustainability – ecological, economic, and social-related to the ‘Future of Tourism’ in Ticino.

With Fu-turismo, we aim to find collaborative solutions that drive sustainable tourism forward in Ticino.

Participants, mentors, and experts compete in a 24-hour marathon to quickly co-generate ideas – hackathon, often also called ideathon – on the future of tourism in Ticino.

Everyone could join this event for free. We structured it within seven themes, all related to sustainability and tourism.

For 24 hours you work within a team, on one of the seven themes. You would present your project proposal to a panel thereafter. Should your team have a winning proposal on hand, it would mean that you get financial funding plus a six-month program with mentors and experts leading the plan to a higher maturity level, or even bring it to life!

The first Fu-turismo happened in October this year. More than 130 participants and 30 mentors collaborated during the 24 hours hackathon. Twelve projects were delivered and four projects won! Want to read more about it?