Young Innovators

Every child born in Europe today will need to lead a carbon neutral life by the time they leave school.


These are unprecedented times for climate change

Europe, and the planet in general, has to take big leaps if we have a hope of staying below 1.5 degrees. Every child born in Europe today will need to lead a carbon neutral life by the time they leave school.

This creates enormous pressure on future generations, but the youth are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges and opportunities the transition to low carbon growth entails. Many young people are joining the conversation, getting involved, taking action and in some cases leading the way forward.


Change can start in schools

Together, we can support our youth in taking the first steps towards change.

We believe that involving them in working towards a healthy and sustainable planet, and encouraging them to act as catalysts for systemic change, is critical.

The thinking around climate innovation needs to start now as these young people are the business, societal and national leaders of tomorrow.


Empowering tomorrow leaders

We can equip young people with the skills they need for a low carbon lifestyle.

We can empower them and support a mindset that drives effective climate innovation.

We can help them achieve the most important competencies for a bright and forward-looking future, such as creativity, systems thinking and complex problem-solving skills.

With the Young Innovators programme, we invite you to join us on this journey where we introduce a systems innovation approach and participatory techniques for 12 to 18 year-olds.


Systemic innovation for young people

Young Innovators is an experimental programme aimed to introduce a systems innovation approach to 12-18 year olds to foster social awareness and entrepreneurial thinking towards tackling climate change challenges in the school environment through visual thinking and participatory techniques.

With Young Innovators, the future generation is being prepared with the knowledge and understanding to lead the movement for a systemic change. As part of this movement, Young Innovators offers students the methodological approach, visual tools and entrepreneurial mindset to change the economy and society immediately. Working with EIT Climate-KIC partners, learning designers and teachers as multipliers of change, we aim to integrate climate change challenges as part of our teens’ life at school.

If you want to know how we are working to bring this to Ticino, or to contribute to the project, contact us!