U-Lab Hub: Working on Societal Transformation

Today’s society is mostly programmed on individualism. The challenges the world faces today, whether these are ecological or social or of any kind that influences society; we believe we need to transform to acting collectively in order to sustain the world we are living in.

U-Lab Hub offers courses that are based on theoretical frameworks from the Presencing Institute.
The Presencing Institute was founded in 2006 by MIT Sloan School of Management, to create an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social and organizational change.

Today we bring courses to you at Impact Hub Ticino. Check what courses are running!

U.lab 2x Ticino - Primo Incontro 2

U-Lab Hub is held at our event space in Lugano, where you can physically meet other participants (when possible), participate in courses, and put it into practice within a safe environment.

We are also flexible to organize bespoke courses for your organization or businesses and can run it at your location. The courses that we give (based on Theory U) provide very practical, effective, and inexpensive tools. It helps individuals or teams within organizations developing a new consciousness and a new collective leadership capacity to meet challenges in a more conscious, intentional, and strategic way.

U-Lab Hub’s offer is in Italian. For non-Italian requests, please contact us!

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