The value of diversity
Yesterday, May 19, 2022 the second TED Members Group Discussion of the year, organized with the support of BancaStato, took place in Impact Hub
20 May 2022 | IH Ticino
Hubber Stories: Domani Food
In the spirit of letting people know about the beautiful entrepreneurial realities on our territory, we periodically interview our hubbers. Today
03 May 2022 | IH Ticino
Inclusion revolution: our next TED Members Group Discussion
Inclusion revolution: listening, valuing and welcoming diversity in the work environment... but not only. The second TED Members Group Discussion of
19 April 2022 | IH Ticino
Impact Club is born: the incubator for impactful projects
Today, Monday, April 11, Impact Hub Ticino launches Impact Club, the incubator for impact entrepreneurial projects promoted by a local network of
11 April 2022 | IH Ticino