Impact Hub Ticino launches the TED Circles
11 October 2021 - IH Ticino

Impact Hub Ticino launches the series of TED Circles events, the first of which will take place on October 21 at 6pm at the Impact Hub Ticino headquarters in via Ciseri 3, Lugano. The first TED Circle “Here and Now” is organized in collaboration with Lugano Living Lab and will be held as part of the events leading up to Swiss Digital Day 2021, as well as part of Lugano’s Digital Autumn.

This month’s TED Circle addresses the theme “The 15-minute city: how to design an innovative and sustainable city”. After watching the TED Talk “The 15-minutes city” by Carlos Moreno, Scientific director, Panthéon Sorbonne University-IAE Paris, all participants are invited to actively contribute by expressing ideas and visions in an open and collaborative conversation with the aim of bringing new awareness and points of view around the topic. The conversation will be facilitated and fueled by some on-site “conversation starters” who are experts on the topic. Participants will include:

  • Martina Conti, Architect and Landscape Design Director, LAND
  • Elide Garbani-Nerini, Assistant Researcher, Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication, USI
  • Marco Hubeli, Director of Planning, Environment and Mobility Division, City of Lugano
  • Tiziano Luccarelli, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Ticino and Circular Economy Lead, Kickstart
  • Luca Mascaro, Founder and Head of Design, Sketchin
  • Jan Trautmann, Project manager, Digital Marketing specialist, Lugano Living Lab-Città di Lugano

What are TED Circles?

TED Circles – a new TED format – are recurring events during which a small group of people meet to watch a TED video and discuss its contents. The idea is to generate dialogue and discussion on topics of value. A monthly macro-theme is proposed worldwide by TED, but it is optional, the single video can be freely chosen within the large library of videos on Each TED Circle is unique and all are virtually connected through the TED Circles platform, allowing local conversations to reach a global scale.