The value of diversity
20 May 2022 - IH Ticino

Yesterday, May 19, 2022 the second TED Members Group Discussion of the year, organized with the support of BancaStato, took place in Impact Hub Ticino. “Inclusion Revolution” this was the theme of the event, which created among the participants an active debate in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

The evening began with the screening of a TED Talk video, “Inclusion Revolution by Daisy Auger-Domínguez, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist. After the video screening, participants engaged in a constructive discussion, expressing ideas and visions through open conversation.

Fear, courage, self-awareness, initiative: these were some of the key words that emerged that summed up the discussions well, flanked also by a need for solidarity and alliance to secure an inclusive corporate and social ecosystem.

It is from the analysis of the cultural and educational context that the conversation started: we have always been educated to do and not to be, men are men, women are women, and their respective masculine and feminine sides must be masked otherwise one is not “man” or “woman” enough. And therefore, until we free ourselves from conditioning, cognitive biases and welcome the multiplicity within us, we cannot see the diversity in others. Similarly, we often communicate by using “labels” and appellations that create division and contribute to feeding these cognitive biases: we label refugees and migrants as “non-EU”, we use the generic word “disabled” to describe about 1 billion people with different types of disabilities.” Words, which exclude instead of include.

True inclusion, on the other hand, is built through daily acts of solidarity and alliance between those who recognize that they enjoy privilege and those who are subject to exclusion, just as much through strategic plans, clear goals, measurable actions and iterative processes to learn from mistakes: only this transforms an ideal into concrete and lasting results.

In recent years, our economic and social system has evolved positively: we are now all more aware thanks to the many awareness campaigns and public measures, but still far from a truly inclusive and just system. Each of us can, must contribute to the improvement: the state, by putting in place more tools that allow all people to make their own path, and to take the first step toward cultural change; each of us must strive and nurture the will to study, to deepen the different. Many people do not reflect on their own condition, and that of each other, they simply wait for something to change, or they rage against the system.

These were some of the themes that emerged during the conversation involving entrepreneurs, students, and professionals from the corporate, public, and nonprofit worlds. The conversation was facilitated and fueled by Donatella Zappa, Director at Area Società Cooperativa; Gabrio Previtali, Group Leader and Project Leader, Labor Section, URC; Marialuisa Parodi, Co-Director and Co-Founder at Equi-Lab; Paolo Badano, Director at Genny Factory SA; and Tiziano Luccarelli, Sustainability Lead at Kickstart Innovation and Co-Founder Impact Hub Ticino.

The event was organised thanks to the support of BancaStato, whom we thank. Many thanks also to MoneyMag, Media Partner of the event.

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