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Meeting series: Sociocracy: a new organizational model

Feb 24th
18:00 - 20:00
SUFFP, via Besso 84, 6900 Lugano-Massagno


Pierre Houben, a trainer and facilitator who one day began to wonder if there was a better alternative to the majority principle for making decisions. He encountered the sociocratic approach and immediately fell in love with it. In his dreams there is a network of Italian Sociocratic trainers, trainers, facilitators and facilitators, connected with the wider international network, who use Sociocracy in synergy with other tools to support Individuals – Autonomous – Equivalent – Interdependent – who dream and look for approaches to co-create the most beautiful world they imagine possible.


Manuela Pagani Larghi, economist committed daily to a humanist economy. In her first life she was a financial consultant, in her second life she is a conselor, passionate about new forms of economy, new business models and organization. She is in love with and firm believer in Theory U, a theory of social change that proposes new forms of learning based not only on the past but also on the emerging future. Micro-entrepreneur, co-founder of Impact Hub Ticino, founder of Ulab Hub Ticino, since 2021 she has been carrying on with courage and audacity, with a special travelling companion and with the precious support of a network of social innovators, a dreamlike concrete project of Generative Interdependence Agreements.


The meeting will begin at 18:00 at the Aula Magna of the Federal University School for Professional Education SUFFP, via Besso 84, 6900 Lugano-Massagno. The number of places is limited. Registrations are accepted in order of arrival.

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