Climathon Mendrisiotto 2021
30 September 2021 - IH Ticino

Since 2015, every year, in more than 100 cities around the world takes place the Climathon, a “marathon” of twenty-four hours to find new ways to combat climate change. The appointment with the Climathon Mendrisiotto is set for the evening of Friday, October 29.

The model is that of the ideathon: the cities launch a challenge on how to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on their territory or how to prevent them, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Citizens, students, entrepreneurs, professionals and experts take up the challenge and, gathered in small teams, work together for twenty-four hours, with the aim of finding new solutions. A clear problem to tackle, the limited time available, the inter-disciplinary skills of the participants, the strong motivation and the belief that a change is really possible: these are the ingredients of the success of the Climathon.

In 2019, the Climathon was also held for the first time in Mendrisio, addressing the problem of intensifying heat waves in the summer months and the consequent formation of heat island phenomena in the city. In 2020 the Climathon is back in Mendrisio in a fully digital version, during which forty people have worked on the climate impact of our food system.

For 2021, the Climathon expands its horizons, involving not only the City of Mendrisio, but the entire Mendrisiotto region thanks to the participation of thirteen municipalities that have joined the initiative with enthusiasm. “The idea of involving the municipalities of the region was born from the desire to systemize the resources and needs of the territory: all the municipalities of the region are in fact touched by the same problems and could benefit from addressing them together, producing a broader impact on the regional scale,” says Gabriele Martinenghi of the Municipal Technical Office of the City of Mendrisio, among the organizers of the event. “There was immediately a positive response from many and we hope that the ideas born from the Climathon will help to trigger virtuous circles of territorial development (social and economic) in a sustainable and inclusive perspective”.

This year there are four challenges: the first three aim to prevent waste production, so how to reduce consumption according to a logic of “sufficiency”, how to support the spread of repairable and reassemblable products and how to extend the life of products, through forms of reuse and sharing. The fourth challenge concerns the management of products at the end of their life, i.e. how to ensure proper and efficient separation and logistical management of waste, for the recovery of materials and re-introduction into the production cycle.

The teams that develop the most promising ideas, selected by a jury of experts in the field and representatives of the municipalities supporting the Climathon, will receive financial contributions for a total of 7,000 CHF and access to coaching from the USI Startup Centre to put them into practice. New start-up companies or new public-private consortia will be born from ideas with high innovation potential.

The Climathon Mendrisiotto will start in the late afternoon (18:00) of Friday, October 29 and will end on Saturday evening, October 30 with an aperitif and will take place at the new SUPSI campus in Mendrisio-Stazione. Workshops, training sessions, coaches and experts will support the teams and a yoga session will help to regain energy and stay focused.

The initiative is realized with the organizational and financial support of many partners: all details are available on the website

Participation is free, but registration is required via the website, as places are limited. Registration deadline: October 24, 2021. The event will be held in full compliance with anti-COVID rules so a COVID certificate with QR code (vaccination, negative swab or cure) will be required from all participants. It will also be required the mask, mandatory in all internal spaces SUPSI.



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