5 November 2021 - IH Ticino

Forty participants, ten mentors, eight teams and projects, two winners: these are the numbers of the “Climathon Regione Mendrisiotto”, the 24-hour event focused on innovative projects to promote circular economy and zero waste systems, held at the SUPSI Campus in Mendrisio on 29 and 30 October 2021. The first prize went to a digital project that connects citizens who need to repair their electronic devices with companies or shopkeepers able to do so. The second prize, on the other hand, went to a team that developed an educational program to raise children’s awareness of circular economy and sustainability principles through the production of video content.

“Climathon Regione Mendrisiotto” took place together with about 150 Climathons organized around the world. This year the ideathon has expanded its horizons, involving not only the City of Mendrisio, but the entire region of Mendrisiotto thanks to the participation of thirteen municipalities that have joined the initiative with enthusiasm, and that have confirmed its success. “This year’s Climathon was again a success, showing how sensitive the population is to climate protection and to support innovation,” says Gabriele Martinenghi of the City of Mendrisio. “We hope that the ideas born from the Climathon will help to trigger virtuous circles of territorial development (social and economic) in a sustainable and inclusive perspective.”

“The theme chosen this year for the Climathon Regione Mendrisiotto, zero waste and circular economy, has attracted a lot of interest, as evidenced by the eight project proposals submitted,” says Francesca Cellina, SUPSI researcher. “Evaluating these proposals was the difficult task of the jury, formed by representatives of institutions (the supporting municipalities, City of Mendrisio, Canton Ticino), circular economy experts (ACSI, WWF, IHT), and innovation experts (Fondazione Agire, cenpro).

Two awarded ideas received cash prizes to start working on their projects. The first prize of 4,500 Swiss francs in addition to access to the incubator of the USI Startup Centre, went to the project called Ultima Ratio a project focused on the development of a digital platform to connect citizens who need to repair their electronic devices with companies or retailers able to do so, while raising awareness of recycling and reuse practices. The second prize of 2,500 francs in addition to access to Impact Hub Ticino’s membership and community, went to The Composts, which designed an educational program for schools that enables the understanding of the principles of circular economy and sustainability through the production of video content that can be easily enjoyed by children.

“We are very pleased with the success of the third edition of the Climathon Regione Mendrisiotto,” concludes Gabriele Martineghi. “A big thank you to the participants and to all the people who worked with us to organize and finance this Climathon.” The initiative is realized with the organizational and financial support of many partners: all details are available on the website


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